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A year ago at this time, Colette and I did our first in-person canine education course with Patricia Guerrero, better known as PAT educadora canina, and we talked about it as a totally advisable experience in the post we wrote in PomPomDog and that you can remember by clicking here. A few days ago, we met again PAT to participate in the dog expedition that she organized. What did this expedition consist of?  (more…)



EXPLANATORY NOTE! As previously indicated, this kind of PomPomDog posts regarding health and nutrition, are written after having consulted several specialized texts and having read different opinions. However, in case of any doubt or problem, ALWAYS ask your veterinarian or animal nutritionist.

However, this time for this post, we have been lucky to once again have the supervision of the veterinary nutrition and dietetics’ expert, Mónica González Tovar, who was already with us in the publication about ‘How can I improve my Pomeranian’s diet’, that if you missed it, you can read it again by clicking here.

In today’s post we will talk about a new food supplement that we have recently incorporated in Colette’s diet: salmon oil. (more…)

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For those who are faithful followers of the blog since our beginnings, you know that Colette has spent the holidays on the beach (you can read that post by clicking here), in a floating house (click here), or even in a tree hut (read it by clicking here). Where has Colette spent its summer holidays this year? (more…)



EXPLANATORY NOTE! This kind of posts regarding health and nutrition, which you will find in Pom Pom Dog, are written after having consulted several specialized texts and read different opinions. That is the reason why in case of doubt or problem, ask ALWAYS your veterinarian.

Here we are again with the second part of the post about vaccination in Pomeranian dogs. In the first part that we published and if you did not see it, you can read it by clicking here, we talked about the moment you have to get your Pomeranians vaccinated, suggesting a practical vaccinations calendar, and we told you which adverse reactions could have in their bodies.

In this second part, we want to share with you some ‘Pom-tips’ related to vaccination, tips that we were given in his day, which were very good to Colette: (more…)

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EXPLANATORY NOTE! This kind of posts regarding health and nutrition, which you will find in Pom Pom Dog, are written after having consulted several specialized texts and read different opinions. That is the reason why in case of doubt or problem, ask ALWAYS your veterinarian.

Taking advantage of the fact that we took Colette to the veterinarian to be vaccinated today, we find interesting to explain you in a simple way, through a practical vaccinations calendar, in which moment you have to get your Pomeranian vaccinated, as well as tell you which are the adverse reactions in their little bodies to these vaccines. This information will be especially useful to those who have puppies or who will have them soon in your homes, and for those who already have adult Pomeranians, it never hurts to remember it. (more…)



Lately we have attended with Colette a series of informative talks organized by Espacio Animal, a shop specialized in natural therapies and positive education located in Madrid, Spain. These talks, besides being useful to keep increasing our knowledge, are for charity, since the money collected goes to an animal protection association.

In one of these talks, the expert in veterinary nutrition and dietetics Mónica González Tovar analyzed the different kind of food and proposed us practical suggestions to improve our pets’ diet, no matter what diet we are following, dry, wet, dehydrated or raw. (more…)



We have not been posting for weeks on the blog. Don’t think that we have forgotten about you, our dear readers (once again many thanks for being there, for following us and for reading us!). It is just that we have been very busy with new activities that we are going to tell you about in the following posts.

Today we will write you about the canine education course that Colette and I attended, but first we have to introduce PAT,the canine educator to you. (more…)

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DOGGY INTRODUCTIONS: “Host dog” and “Guest dog”

During the summer holidays in a tree hut (post that you can read here), Colette finally met her “French cousin” Sissy, a lovely one-year-old Westie. They did not just meet, also lived under the same roof for a week. It was the first time that Colette was going to live with another pet, so to avoid rows, we took seriously from the beginning how to introduce each other to get along well.

In today’s post, we will give you some tips to take into account in the doggy introductions, which worked really well for us, and that we hope they will help you too. (more…)



During this blog’s life, we’ve always talked about our summer holidays, and this year it couldn’t be an exception. So, following “Colette’s summer holidays in a dog beach” post) -you can read it by clicking here and “holidays in a floating house” post, -you can remember it by clicking here, this year we add “Colette’s holidays in a tree hut” post. (more…)

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One of the best ideas to feed and to hydrate our best friend in the summer heat while he’s having fun is giving him an ice-cream.

There are lots of video tutorials on the Internet to do homemade ice-creams, but this time wanted Colette to taste a processed ice-cream but with a homemade preparation, which contains a 120 grammes tub and a bag with powdered yoghurt and lyophilized fruit (this time, banana).

The final amount obtained is too much for our little Pomeranians, so you can give him 1/3 of the ice-cream at the most….and the rest is for you! : )

Are bananas good for Pomeranians? (more…)