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V.I.P (Very Important Pomeranians) – MOORI

You have already know lovely males Barry and Hachi in the first and second V.I.P. (Very Important Pomeranian) – you can click on their names if you want to remember their interviews – and now it is the turn to a female : ) The female that we introduce you for the third V.I.Pomeranian is not some female 😉 she is Moori, with nearly 22.000 followers in her Instagram account @ylisanty and a fashionable Pommy mommy, who has been so kind to answer to this PomPomDog’s interview and has also given us very interesting addresses to go with your dog if you happen to travel to Indonesia. (more…)

V.I.P. Hachi 0

V.I.P (Very Important Pomeranians) – HACHI

After introducing you Barry in the first V.I.P. (Very Important Pomeranian) – a post that you can remember by clicking here, it’s our great pleasure to introduce you Hachi this week, whom many of you already know, not only because he has more than 77.000 followers in his Instagram account @loregaby, but also because he is part of one of the most adorable white Pomeranians families, that we know, together with Kimi, Maki and Lucas. (more…)


V.I.P. (Very Important Pomeranians) – BARRY

Today we want to introduce you a new section in PomPomDog where we will meet closer Pomeranians from all over the world through little interviews. For this first V.I.Pomeranian we have Barry, one of the first Pomeranians that we’ve following on Instagram, with a very kind owner and above all, with lovely photos, that we invite you to discover in her account @jadoremonbarry, where she has more than 4,000 followers. (more…)