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Dreams only exist to make them come true! Welcome to our dream,

Welcome to our blog PomPomDog!


You’ll find information in PomPomDog about all that happens in the daily life of these fluffy balls, the Pomeranian dogs: their cares, feeding, games and activities, curiosities, doubts and concerns…which come out from the hand, or rather, from the paw of our little lady dog Colette.


Pompomdog is born in response to:

–   Little information we have found about Pomeranian dogs, unlike the other breeds of dogs. We’ve relied on the inestimable help and advice from our breeder, from our veterinary and our hairstylist until now, but we want to continue learning.

–  The social networks’ limits to get to know our followers and the people we follow. Comments on photos or the messages on the social networks are not enough and not the useful tool in order to exchange experiences or advice.

–  We want to get to know the worldwide Pomeranian community and exchange experiences. Difficult? Sure! But not impossible!


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